* (honey_wheeler) wrote in weheartcrack,

hello fello glamberts

So an introduction post is probably overdue. This is a community for shipping Kris Allen with various (or multiple) members of his band. You can post fic, icons, vids, or other fannish works featuring Kris Allen and various members of his band. Slash is cool. Gen is cool. If you can manage to write het that's mostly about Kris and his band, that's cool too. Any media relating to the band is also welcome, be it picspams, video, or icons.

Speaking of the band...here, have a refresher on who we're dealing with.

C is for Cale.
Cale Mills - guitar & keyboards, backup vocals, beard, Cosmo spreads.

R is for Ryland.
Ryland Steen - drums, photobombing, resident Beeker lookalike.

A is for Andrew.
Andrew deRoberts - guitar, elitism, eyecandy for those who don't like beards.

C is for Chris(t).
Chris Torres - bass, discordant harmonies, most likely to use up all the conditioner on the road.

K is for Kristopher.
Kris Allen - just kill yourself if you need this, 'kay?

(You dumb jerk.)

Happy ficcing, vidding, iconing & picspamming! Feel free to post and pimp the community out to friends.
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