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FIC: Something New

Okay, well, someone has to be first, right?

Title: Something New
Author: cjmarlowe
Pairing: Kris/Cale
Rating: PG-13
Length: 1,300 words
Notes/Summary: Just a little Krale ficlet for the prompt "Kris/Cale snuggle!fic, with sleepy kisses, preferably back during Kris's mission trip days," although I sort of interpreted that last part kind of loosely.

Everyone always told Kris that college would be full of new experiences. They told him not to dwell on what he was leaving behind but look forward to what he'd be gaining, and to keep an open mind to what the world would be offering him. They told him that they trusted him, and knew he would use good judgment in everything that he did.

Kris took everyone at their word, and decided to be open to any new experiences that didn't run contrary to his personal ethic.

That was how he somehow ended up at this party, bubbles and barrettes in his hair, beer in his hand, and satisfaction in his heart.

[ Something New ]
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