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FIC: Two stories

I'm shameless. Have some kinkfic! (Written for kink bingo, no less!)

Title: [ Sweet Dreams ]
Pairing: Kris/Andrew | Rating: NC-17 | Length: 1000 words
Contains: sleepy/unconscious sex, sexual dreams, open relationships.

It's a dream Kris has had before, though not very often and not since he was younger, physically aching for sex but emotionally unready to do it yet. There's a guy (it's not always a guy, sometimes it's a blonde girl, but tonight it's a guy), shirtless with a baseball cap and cargo shorts. Kris can't see his face, but he's never been able to. He's just a nameless, faceless object of desire.

Title: [ Winding Down ]
Pairing: Kris/Cale | Rating: NC-17 | Length: 800 words
Contains: humiliation (in private), facial, clothed orgasm.

Kris waits until he hears the swingbar tap into place on the hotel room door before he says anything. Actually, he waits a little bit longer because he knows Cale is waiting for him to say something and he likes giving him that moment of nervous anticipation.

"You can take my clothes off now," he says finally, setting his guitar on the floor by the wall.
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