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my mom made this unitard.

FIC: More Things in Heaven and Earth

Hi. Me again. :)

Title: [ More Things in Heaven and Earth ]
Pairing: Kris/Cale | Rating: NC-17 | Length: 35,100 words
Summary-ish: In which Kris and Cale discover there is more to them than they ever imagined, and there is a lot of sex.

When Kris looked up at him with that wide smile, holding on tight, Cale felt special. He felt like he was the most important person in the whole world in that moment.

He wondered if other people felt like that when Kris looked at them.

He wasn't even thinking. There was no one else paying attention anymore and Kris was looking at him like that, so close, lips parted, and Cale just started leaning in. He wasn't thinking at all.

When his brain did kick in, thankfully before he did anything stupid, it was obvious to both of them what he was about to do. He cleared his throat and leaned back again, and Kris let go of his shirt.
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