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FIC: Three stories

Still just me? More fic, tho! Well, ficlets really, but when you pass 3000 words is it really a ficlet anymore?

Title: [ Stars ]
Pairing: Kris/Cale | Rating: PG-13 | Length: 1000 words
Prompt: Snuggly BFF (with benefits) Krale.

Their hotel room never does get entirely dark, not with all the lights of the city outside, and Kris knows that if he goes to the window and opens the curtains and looks up at the sky he'll hardly even be able to see stars. It's not like home at all. Not that he comes from some tiny place under the stars, but this is different, this is bright and lonely and impersonal.

At least he brought a little bit of home with him.

Title: [ One Night in Jacksonville ]
Pairing: Kris/Cale | Rating: PG | Length: 3400 words
Prompt: Krale high school AU.

Kris didn't try anything dumb, he wasn't reckless, he wasn't brave. He knew a crush was a thing that went one way and it was only if he did anything about it that things between them would get hopelessly awkward. But listening to Cale's snarky comments during the movie, being unavoidably pressed up against his side, that was pretty nice anyway.

Title: [ Smile ]
Pairing: Kris/Andrew | Rating: PG-13 | Length: 1200 words
Prompt: Krandrew during Kris's SE Asia tour.

It was pretty impossible to miss that smile, rare and fleeting as it was. Kris hardly even caught a glimpse in rehearsals; if asked—not that he was ever asked—he'd say he never really saw it till they'd done a few shows together. Sure he'd imagined it sometimes, in a wistful sort of a way when he was wondering if Andrew was really happy working with him, but imagination fell short of reality.

When Andrew smiled at you, he meant it.
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